Software tools NetMax

This software package was developed for the modelling telecommunication networks for maximisation integer traffic. The technique for network analysis was realised, that brings out the straight dependence of network load of routing strategy.

Basic tasks to solve:

  • checkup of the routing strategies effectiveness;
  • detection the "bottlenecks" in the telecommunication networks;
  • modelling for reject for definition reliability corporatine nets;
  • providing estimation and comparative analysis of different routing strategies.

NetMax toolbox realisation

  • Addon to MATLAB as an additional toolbox. It allows to create your oun software package for modeling and analysis telecommunication networks.
  • Versions for multiprocessor systems and distributed systems, based on BOINC.

Participation in DEGISCO project

The software package for network modelling, developed by NetMax toolbox, is currently used in DEGISCO project by European Union FP7 programm.

Articles, associated with the NetMax toolbox:

1.  "Uniform" algorithms of consecutive fill a network by product flows

2.  Analysed results of the consecutive fill of networks with stochastic topology.


4. SIMO Presentation