Software tools collection for creation distributed computational systems, based on Web 2.0 principles

The main purpose of given toolset is the entitlement of the unified access to problem-oriented computational services and the support of the integration these services in solution of applied problems.

At the heart of MathCloud  following principles are laid: conviniency of service development, simplicity of access to users services and employment open technologies.  

Enviroment architecture is based on service representation as a function with the given set of input and output parameters and based on employment the REST style for description the unified service interface. This interface supports the data exchange in the JSON format, asynchronous processing of requests and recieving the service description.  

The container of services was developed, that realizes given interface and supports quick convertion in the application services with command line interface.  Each deployed in container service, is available for enviroment users through web-browser.   Integration of the service container with Grid-infrastructure EGEE is elaborated. The editor of composite applications and the system of scenario management based on workflow-approach were realised to support the integration the enviroment services for solution applied tasks. 

Source code and ready assemblage


The description of the interaction protocol with containers, services and jobs.

Architecture and realisation of the service-orientad scientific enviroment MathCloud.