IarNet Fractal Renderer

IarNet Fractal Renderer application is intended for distributed rendering and visualisation of the convergence characteristics of recurrent sequences of complex numbers. Distributed rendering of the different kind fractal sets is the interesting special case .

Rendering of the fractal images is the case, that possesses several convenient (in experiment for analysis of the balancing the computational load between nodes of the system) characteristics:

  • It is embarrassingly parallel, and can be well divided in the appropriate subtasks .
  • It allows predictably obtain both thread of subtasks of substantially different coplexity and a thread of  equally complicated subtasks, that can be used with the different algorithms for the load balancing.
  • Computational results can be easily represented as an image.

Application IARnet Fractal, fractal-gui-2.5-uber.jar (required Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0.*)

Application description